Osteoarthritis Program

Service Description

Osteoporosis can steal the strength from your bones, leaving you stoop-shouldered and prone to fractures. But you can do something with your muscles to help lower your risk of a fracture - exercise. Research has found that people of all ages can develop low bone density resulting in osteoporosis. At Broward Manual Rehab, we have developed an extensive Osteoporosis Treatment Program that serves everyone, whether you have osteoporosis or wish to prevent it. Our program includes abdominal and back strengthening exercises, specific upper and lower extremity resistance exercise, and weight-bearing exercises. We will design a strength training program appropriate for your degree of bone loss.

Some of the benefits of our Osteoporosis Treatment Program are to improved posture and balance, improved bone mass, decrease risk of falling and improved quality of life. Our physical therapists are trained in resistive and weight-bearing techniques, and will design a program to suit your specific needs.

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